For those clients desiring a level of sustainability in an affordable SUV, new Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid serves up a best-of-worlds approach at Bob Rohrman Kia.

Spanning several parameters, the capacity for extensive fuel-free ranging is seen as an accoutrement. What you’ve got is a perfectly outfitted SUV accented by self-sufficiency in powering.

And the greater Lafayette area benefits from lessened emissions released.

Kia Sorento PHEV – Ample Values to Everything

As a plug-in hybrid SUV, Kia Sorento has been designed for performance. And to hybrid powering, there are numerous facets that promote interior comfort and convenience both.

To start, find below the following performance details savored throughout Lafayette:

  • The hybrid mating of gas engine and electric motor produces 261 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of generated torque.
  • Fuel-free ranging encompasses up to 32-miles.
  • Hybridized mileage delivered comprises 79 mpge for a total range of up to 460-miles.

Interior and Technology

And then there are the surrounding aspects to the interior. Offered are the following details that highlight the proper equipping of a self-reliant SUV:

  • Second-row captain’s chairs and foldable third-row seating allow for accommodating a full passenger load.
  • Apple® and Android™ devices and applications are integrated upon the centralized, 10.25-inch touchscreen display.
  • Eight USB outlets among all three seating rows add to convenience for charging need.
  • The Kia Drive Wise suite of driver-assistance functions offers all the essential aids and tools for a safer family trip outside Lafayette.
  • Kia Connect Ultimate is provided gratis for one year of remote vehicle access in the palm of hand.
  • The two trims of Sorento SX and Sorento SX Prestige offer unique and dedicated features.

Bob Rohrman Kia – Take Your Kia Sorento PHEV Test Drive Today in Indiana

Explore our trim lineup of Kia Sorento PHEVs.

And given the level of sustainable powering, federal tax credits may apply to your acquisition. Just ask our Kia professionals for more information.

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