Sell Your Car in Lafayette, IN

Sell Your Car or Value Your Trade in Lafayette, IN

At Bob Rohrman Kia, we've made it easy to either sell your vehicle outright or trade towards the very latest in Kia models. This all accomplished online, in a secure space.

As a trusted Kia dealership, Lafayette drivers and shoppers alike relish the act of valuing a current vehicle from home. Then they come to us for a check in-hand or a new Kia model traded towards and effectively discounted.

The Ease of Selling, Trading Your Current Vehicle

Convenience is important to Lafayette drivers. There's also the confidence in the tools presented for a seamless shopping experience in Kia models. Much of the Kia experience may now be facilitated online from the comfort of home in Lafayette.

In this endeavor, we've implemented the Kelley Blue Book official offer to buy your car. This initiated by accessing the online valuation portal in securing the value of any current vehicle to sell outright or trade.

Found below are the very steps to the process:

  • Enter your license plate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or simple make and model details.
  • Next will be exterior colors to select relative to your specific model.
  • Then, equipment will be ticked-off pertaining to drivetrain, interior features, exterior elements and tires.
  • You may choose to add photos of your vehicle at this point before tapping the "Next" tab.
  • Rate your vehicle's condition across the exterior, interior and mechanical.
  • At last, supply name and contact information as well as the new Kia model you may want to trade towards.

You'll then have an offer to accept in check form or by trading. In fact, trading the value of a current vehicle established in the process above will lower new Kia model payments by supplementing any down payment.

Bob Rohrman Kia - Sell or Trade Your Current Vehicle Today

For more information, contact our Kia professionals for all questions answered.

You might just be inclined to trade towards the latest and brightest in our new Kia inventory onsite.